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Direct Burial Poles

Sumip make fiberglass light poles are constructed of polyester/epoxy resin system& fiberglass woven rowing with more then 65% of the reinforcing fiberglass in axial vertical plane which increases desired rigidity & axial strength. The pole shaft is manufactured by winding process, the winding is applied under tension and at low angel for high axial strength. Additional circular winding is provided for compression strength. This allow the flexibility of material placement, which make it the clear choice for this type of structure.

Filament winding is accomplished on a machine, which winds glass fiber on a mandrel in a prescribed pattern to form a desired finished shape. A Programmable Logic Control [PLC] is used in a close loop control circuit to control machine movements. This system allows for placement to the right amount of fiberglass at the right place & orientation. 

The result of this is one piece, composite pole with a uniform surface along its entire length. The same is coated with specially formulated polyurethane coating with UV inhibitor to protect the pole & to keep them look good & give long life. This poles are in conformity with ANSI 136.20-1990 & ASTM UG23.

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