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Fiberglass Cable Trays

Our perforated type Cable Tray provides reliable cable support in the corrosive application. Both Polyester & Vinyl ester resin systems are available & all components incorporating U.V. Stabilizer & a surfacing veil to resist corrosive atmosphere.

From power plants to fertilizer industries, paper mills to refineries to laboratories, the sound electrical design requires an adaptable cable support system that is reliable. Above all, durability & resistance to corrosion lead to lower costs during the life of the installation.


  • Corrosion resistance

  • Strength & durability

  • Fire Redundant

  • Light Weight

  • U.V. Stabilities

  • Long life


  • Chemical Plants

  • Power Plants

  • Effluent Treatment Plants

  • Offshore Platforms

  • Paper Plants

  • Refineries

Our Fiberglass Cable Tray Specification are:

Standard applicable

  • IS 6746 -1994 Specs for Unsaturated Polyester Resin system for Low Pressure Fiber Reinforced Plastics.

  • NEMA FG 1 1984- 1993 [current issue] Specification for fiberglass Tray system -Loading Characteristics

  • IS -6746-Appendix - K/UL 94 Flame Retardant [law flammability]

Technical details

  • Side Member FRP Pultruded 'C' Section.

  • Rung Sq. Hollow tube 25mm x25mm

Accessories / Fittings

All fitting are pre fabricated & will be same specification as of straight trays.

Connection / Coupler plate & splice plates

FRP Stainless steel Splice plates of various Type ie. straight as well as adjustable for angle This plates should be installed between .2&.3 of the length of span of the support Fastner of SS 316 shall be provided of 6mm/ 8mmdiameter.

Typical properties of pultruded sections

  • ASTM -D-2863- Oxygen index -30%

  • ASTM- D -635 - Flame Spread [ Extent of burring]-25mm

  • ASTM -D- 638 - Tensile Strength at break - 30,000 PSI

  • ASTM- D - 790- Flexural Strength at break -30,000PSI

  • ASTM- D- 256- Izod Impact Strength - 25 Ft - LBS

  • ASTM- D- 149- Electric Strength short term Oil - 35 Kv / inch


Corrosion resistance of resin system

Two standard composites resin system are available. For most of the application isopthlic Polyester fire retardant [FR-P] is widely used. A vinyl ester composites fire retardant resin system [FR-VE] is used where strong acid [ like hydrochloric acide] , strong alkalis [ Caustic Soda], organic solvent and halogenated organic conditions exits. Sumip fiberglass cable tray incorporates a synthetic veil on the surface of all structural shapes which causes a resin rich layer which enhances corrosion protection. A abbreviated guide can be provided on request to assist in the selection of the proper resin system for individual application.

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