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Ladder Type Cable Tray

The Pre assembled fittings are available in all types of tray. The fittings are assembled with the help of Stainless Steel 316 fasteners unless & other wise specified.Rungs are connected with a mechanical lock.

Design specification

Meets the requirements of EIL (Engineers India Ltd.)EIL - OED - S - 422 Rev-4 & NEMA (National Electric Manufacturers Association) FGI -1993 with revision for Fiberglass Cable Tray System. The working load capacity represents the ability of a fiberglass cable tray to support the static weight of cables.It is equivalent to destructive load capacity, with minimum safety factor of 1.5.

As per EIL specifications requirements

Width of cable TrayType of TrayLoad Kg./Mtr. for Support span 2.5Mtr.
150 mmSLC 330
300 mmSLC 360
450 mmSLC 375
600 mmSLC 490
750 mmSLC 4120
900 mmSLC 5120
Concentrated Static load is 70 Kg. at the centre of the span.

As per NEMA loading standards

Support span: 8, 10, 12 are in Feet

Tray TypeLoad Class
SLC 48C, 10B
SLC 510C, 8C
SLC 610C, 12C

Straight Sections

  • Sumip Cable tray is available in Polyester as well as vinyl ester resin system.
  • Our cable tray has a 'C' section as side rail.
  • Our cable tray has a square type rung & rung connection is made with mechanical & adhesive lock.

Tray Type Width of Tray Rung Spacing Length of Tray
Polyester Vinyl Ester Width inside Dimension. Spacing Center to Center Available Length
Code MM. Code MM. Code FT/Mtr.
SLC 3P SLC 3V 06 150 06 150 10 10 /3
SLC 4P SLC 4V 12 300 10 250  
SLC 5P SLC 5V 18 450 12 300  
SLC 6 SLC 6V 24 600 18 * 450  
    30 750      
    36 900      
* 450mm rung spacing not recommended for 30 & 36 width.

Types available for cable tray system

CodeSize of side rails Height x Weight
SLC 375 x 25 mm
SLC 4100 x 30 mm
SLC 5125 x 30 mm
SLC 6150 x 35 mm
Thickness : Minimum 4mm in all types.
FBIVD30/45* Direct Inside Bend
FBOVD30/45* Direct Outside Bend
FBIVR45* Inside Vertical Radius Bend
FBOVR45* Outside Vertical Radius Bend
F90BIVR90* Inside Vertical Radius Bend
F90BOVR90* Outside Vertical Radius Bend
FTHRHorizontal Radius Tee
FCHRHorizontal Radius Cross
FRSStraight Reducer
FRL (left reducer)Left or Right Reducer
FRR (right reducer)Left or Right Reducer