Fiberglass (FRP/GRP) Ladders - Range

SeriesDescriptionCapacityDuty Rating
FS1000 Self Supported Step Ladder300LBSType IA
FS2000Self supported Step Ladder250LBSType I
FM1000Self Supported Step Trestle Ladder300LBSType IA
FM2000Self Supported Step Trestle Ladder250LBSType I
FH1000Wall Supported Shelf Ladder300LBSType IA
FP1000Self Supported Platform Ladder300LBSType IA
FP1100Self Supported Platform Ladder With Hand Rail & Castor300LBSType IA
FP3000Self Supported Trestle Ladder With Foldable Platform300LBSType IA
FE2000Wall Supported Extension Ladder300LBSType IA
FE3000Wall Supported Extension Ladder300LBSType IA
FE8400Ladder For Manhole Application300LBSType IA
FY8000Industrial Step Stand300LBSType IA
FPM1000Mobile Platform For Maintenance (Single)300LBSType IA
FPM3000Mobile Platform Ladder600LBSType IA
MTPL1000 Mobile Telescopic Platform Ladder300LBSType IA
MTPL2000Mobile Telescopic Platform Til Table300LBSType IA