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Sumip Green

The world has seen considerable material progress over a couple of centuries. This story began with the industrial revolution. But what is the price that we have paid for this development and are still paying? Considerable, to say the least. This progress has created severe challenges in erratic climatic patterns, depleting natural resources, and growing inequity. The matter has assumed serious proportions.This takes only mindset cannot go on, not for us, and certainly not for our next generations. This very thought is behind Sumip’s sustainability policy and actions.


‘Sustainability’ has become our driving force. Our activities are oriented towards sustainable development in terms of economic, social, and environmental aspects. Our journey partners on sustainable development are our employees, our products, our business partners, and the community around our sphere of operations. Employees’ health and safety, diversity at the workplace, responsibility towards the

community, continuous improvements in the process & products efficiencies, alternate clean energy sources, waste elimination/reduction, reuse, and recycling are no longer buzz words but our guiding principles.

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