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We are Manufacturers of Industrial Electrical & Fiberglass (FRP/GRP) Products.

Sumip Composites Pvt. Ltd. is known for the quality performance of its fiberglass products be it Ladders, Cable Trays, Trefoil clamp, Street Light Poles, Luminaires, Subox Enclosure Systems Etc. It is a company promoted by a group manufacturing industrial electrical and instrumentation products for last three decades, specially designed for the use in critical environment. Fiberglass products were specifically developed due to demand from the valued wide client base

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Cable Tray System

Sumip perforated type cable tray provide reliable....

Fiberglass Ladders

All our ladders are designed and made to meet....

Fiberglass poles

SUMIP fiberglass light poles are constructed....

Fiberglass Luminaries

SUMIP luminaries are available in totally enclosed GRP....

Motor Canopies

SUMIP Doghouse Motor Canopies are already....

Trefoil Clamps

Trefoil clamps are used for high voltage single core....

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Fiberglass Luminaries
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Range of Ladders
GRP Enclosure (with Canopy) - G1G
GRP Enclosure - G2G
GRP Cabinet Enclosure - G3G
Stainless Steel Enclosure - G2S
Stainless Steel Enclosure - G3S
GRP Enclosure - G4G
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