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Fiberglass Enclosures

In 1994, Sumip introduced first hot press moulded fibreglass enclosures for electrical and instrument panel building. From the beginning, a commitment to innovation resulted in product developing into wide range.

SUBOX product family features the widest range of high quality enclosures for the packaging and protection of electrical and electronic components. Enclosures can be delivered in standard off the shelf configurations or customised to your exact specification.


  • Excellent record of resistance to corrosion and chemical attack

  • High impact resistance

  • Rigid construction

  • High weather resistance

  • Wide operating temperature range

  • Fire resistant

  • Good insulating properties

  • UV Protection


  • Temporary installations

  • Electric panel control housing

  • Water pump electric control housing

  • Instrument Housing

  • Meter box application

  • Marine electric control housing

  • Renewable energy electric control housing

  • Telecommunications electronic control housing

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