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Trefoil Clamps

Trefoil clamps are used for high voltage single core or higher size cables where the current rating is high & 3 core cables are not available.Sumip Trefoil Clamps are used for laying single core cables in Trefoil touching formation which helps to maintain magnetic symmetry thereby avoiding electromagnetic heating and loss of current. Sumip Trefoil clamps have been moulded from virgin glass fibre-filled material.Sumip Type TRE 28 Trefoil clamp has been tested satisfactorily at ERDA to withstand 50 KA short circuit fault current with spacing between Trefoil clamps kept at a one-meter distance.

Advantages of Sumip Trefoil Clamps:

• High mechanical strength

• Center distance between Trefoil clamps can be increased for a lower fault level than 50 KA & hence total requirements of clamps can be reduced thereby cost reduction.

• Long service life is practically not affected by all chemicals, acids and alkalis.

• Design of clamp & good flexural strength gives a good grip on cable & accommodates slight deviation in diameter of the cable.

• Sumip Trefoil Clamps are supplied with bolts, nuts & washers which are generally MS Zinc passivated but galvanized, SS hardware can be supplied against specific requirements.

• Flame retardancy features can be provided against specific requirements.

• Aluminum Trefoil clamps can also be supplied if required.

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