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Fiberglass (GRP/FRP) Poles

  • The pole shall be round with classic entasis taper. 

  • The surface shall be free from crack or bubbles, damage, any exposed fiber & smooth surface shall be uniformly colored. 

  • The FRP pole shall be finished with uniform coating equal to the performance of the aliphatic polyurethane. 

  • Standards followed :  

  • a. AASHTOLTS-4: standard specification for structural support for highway signs, luminaries & traffic Signals.

  • b. ANSI C 136. 20-1990: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Lighting Pole.  

  • C. IS 875 (part 3) 1987: Code of practice for design Loads for building & structures WIND LOAD.

  • The pole length lave a tolerance of not exceeding 0.3m per 10m.

  • Deflection of the pole as per the AASHTO LTS- 4 shall not exceed a 15%(Depends upon the requirement of the length of the pole above the ground line. When subject to maximum wind loading & shall not have more than 1% permanent deflection.

  • The poles are available with two types of Bases:

  • a. Direct Burial type pole

  • b. Anchor Base type pole

  • Both types of poles are available with different mounting type:

  • a. Top Mount type

  • b. Side Mount type

  • c. Arm Mount type

  • Junction Box/ Handhole is available.


  • Light Weight
    Thanks to it 's light weight, it save time, manpower and equipment during the installation process. It can be erected by a crew of only two or three people without need for crane or hoist, greatly reducing traffic diversion and resultant cost. 

  • Non Conductive
    Fiberglass is nonconductive, there by reducing the possibility of electric shock & associated liability cost.

  • Corrosion Resistant 
    Fiberglass reinforced pole will not deteriorate in salty air climate, acid rain or acid soil., which enhances long- term life & strength.

  • Low Maintenance
    Fiberglass light poles will not rust or corrode which drastically lower maintenance cost over the lifetime of the pole.

  • High Strength
    FRP poles are engineered to withstand the specified winds with the calculation of its wind load conforming to AASHTO LTS-2 1985. Its low temperature performance is exceptional. It will get stronger in extreme cold.

  • Aesthetic
    Fiberglass pole office semi- textured finish, which is uniform & almost as pleasant as a typical smooth finish.

  • FRP Economical
    Compared with metal and cement ones the FRP pole need lower transportation and installation fee. Its maintainance fee is zero and has long service life. Therefore its comprehensive cost is lower. In the long run FRP pole is more economical than wood, metal or cement ones. 

  • Direct burial pole save time & money.

  • Lower installation labor, Simple Faster, easier.

  • Less expensive site preparation.

  • No concrete foundation for this type.

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